Flour Blossoms

Speciality Cookies and  Cake Toppers
With Flour Blossoms, your're imagination is your only limitation.

Flour Blossoms is a whimsical, unique, and altogether extra ordinary  cookie company. There is nothing cookie cutter about what we do. Our cookies reflect a real outside-the-box way of thinking, and when you take them out of their box, we have no doubt you will agree! We specialize in delicious and beautiful cookies for all sorts of special occasion. Recently, we have branched out and started making cake toppers, which are equally as adorable as our cookies... just not quite as edible.

Please take some time to poke around the website. We will update the pictures section as we complete new and fun projects, but nothing we do here is standard. We enjoy working with our clients to design and produce a product that fits within your theme, matches your invitation, and expresses a piece of your personality.  
If you can dream it up, we can bake it up, but Flour Blossoms is so much more than baking (cookies or clay :)). We get excited about seeing an entire event come together, and the look on a client’s face when their ideas and spirit  come to life in the form of mouth watering cookie  or an eye popping cake topper for the world to see.

Consider us for your next:

  • Wedding

  • Bridal Shower

  • Birthday Party

  • Baby Shower

  • Graduation

  • Anniversary

  • Thank You....




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